Bernardo Gutiérrez
journalist - writter - researcher

Bernardo Gutiérrez is a Spanish-Brazilian journalist, writer, researcher and activist. He writes about technopolitics, free culture, networks, social movements and participation. His text have appeared in Público, El País, 20 Minutos, La Vanguardia, Esquire, La Repubblica, Open Democracy, Der Spiegel Tager,, Al Jazeera or National Geographic, among others. He was one of the editors of Público.

He directed the Wikipraça project for São Paulo 's City Hall, a process around territorial and digital participation. He is part of the Buen Conocer / FLOK Society ( Ecuador) and Political Innovation Network of Latin America. Besides, he is the author of most complete techno-political research on Latin America, an OXFAM study. Currently, he is responsible of communication of participation labs at MediaLab-Prado Madrid. He has published the books Calle Amazonas and #24H and has participated in a dozen anthologies.

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